I’m a freelance food writer. I write about where food comes from, who makes it, how it connects people and earth and culture – call it terroir or the geography of food or just good stories about eating.

I have degrees in French and Geography from Penn State (1999). I learned to be a journalist at National Geographic Magazine, first as an intern (2000), then as an editor for the international, foreign-language editions.

I write for print publications and online ones that have print-like standards of style, integrity, and professionalism.

I have written for:
National Geographic; The Washington Post; the late, great Gourmet; The Austin American-Statesman; babble.com; Slate; AARP.org; Smithsonian.com; Old-House Journal; American Baby; Tea A Magazine; Texas Parks & Wildlife; Austin Monthly; Country Lifestyle; The Good Life; Edible Austin; Texas Home & Living; VegNews; Kiwi

My recent clips are listed at http://bethgoulart.com/. To see older ones, visit the archival portion of my website at http://bethgoulart.com/articles. If there’s something specific you’d like to see, drop me an email (beth at bethgoulart dot com).

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