Summer Entertaining with the Salonnière

[…]It’s summertime, dolls – time for an outdoor soiree. So says Carla McDonald, Austin hostess, former marketing executive, television host, and founder of the entertaining website The Salonnière. With a tone aptly self-described as “conversational and frolicsome,” McDonald and her associates dish details on how to throw fabulous fetes, illustrating the articles with vintage photos that toss a saucy wink to parties of the past.

Playfulness aside, McDonald believes in the power of parties in a very serious way. “Social gatherings and parties are certainly fun, but they’re more than that,” she says. “They’re a very important part of human existence and life and culture. We have an innate need to connect with one another.”[…]

Socializing Under the Texas Sun
“Salonnière” Carla McDonald knows how to keep summer parties cool. .
Austin American-Statesman
July 9, 2014
by Beth Goulart


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