Cathy Strange, Whole Foods Global Cheese Buyer

[…] Zooming around the world tasting cheese sounds like a dream, but these contests can be grueling. Objectively judging 42 cheeses in a four-hour span, as she was required to do in Madison, requires mental focus and physical endurance. Strange puts every cheese she tastes in her mouth to get a feel for the cream on the tongue, then chews it to a liquid to release the flavors and “taste every little nuance.” Then she spits it out and rinses with an acidic fruit juice, like pineapple or apple, to cleanse her palate in preparation for the next cheese. “I have to be very careful not to have palate fatigue,” she says.[…]

The Big Cheese
Whole Foods Market Cheese Maven Cathy Strange Shows Us Her Knives.
Austin American-Statesman
April 30, 2014
by Beth Goulart


Published in print edition and here.(Pay-wall requires subscription or digital pass. Email me to request a full copy.)

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