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Category Archives: Out to Eat Local

Dai Due, April Schedule

Jesse and Tamara have announced the schedule for April’s Dai Due suppers. To get full detail, visit their website. And don’t dally. With only three exquisite, unparalleled offerings for the month, first-come, first-served is an urgent proposition.

Seafood Supper Club at Johnson’s Backyard Garden, Sunday April 5th, 3pm

…amazing produce and super fresh Gulf seafood from our [...]

Gelato Savings (Austin)

In what he has dubbed an original economic stimulus plan, Teo of Austin gelato fame is offering $2 gelato servings every Tuesday from noon until 10 at both Teo locations. Ask for the TEO Plan – that’s Teo Economic Opportunity. Hey, don’t knock it. This is high-quality, locally made gelato. We’ll take our discount and [...]

Dai Due Announces March Schedule

The inimitable Jesse Griffiths and Tamara Mayfield offer something for everyone with next month’s selection of Dai Due suppers. Go for “Rabbit, demystified” if you’re a hard-core foodie. Just want to have fun? “Bacchanal” may be for you. There’s a picnic, a chef’s table, and a whole-hog class and dinner, too, that includes the good [...]

Dai Due Announces February Schedule

Do you Dai Due? Jesse Griffiths founded the Austin supper club by that name – pronounced like the words dye do way, emphasis on the do. Together with partner Tamara Mayfield, he prepares the ultimate in local meals at different venues (think farms and private homes) around town. How local does Jesse get?  The only [...]

Local Highlights at Revamped Cissi’s Market

Cissi’s Market on SoCo in downtown Austin had a reawakening of sorts last week. Its concept has shifted and now it’s still a neighborhood grocer, but it’s a “food-driven wine bar,” too. Change is good, we can all agree these days. Best of all? There’s a lot of local on Cissi’s new, small-plates menu. On [...]

Viva Texas Pecan Truffles

At Viva Chocolato! at the Domain in Austin, a case of decadent desserts can seem overwhelming. Going local narrows the choices, though. All of the truffles on the white trays toward the bottom of the display case are house-made. (The staff will happily point you in their direction if you forget.) But this one takes [...]

Local Sweetness, Delivered

There’s a new cookie-delivery company in town. In The Quarters building on Rio Grande, Cookie Lounge started its ovens last month and is baking made-to-order cookies in a novel spin on a very tasty concept. There’s local on the menu, too, though you might have to ask for the details. Co-owners Artie Rogers and pastry [...]

Olivia, Reprise: The Local List

In response to a past post about the restaurant, Olivia’s chef and owner, James Holmes, shares a list of some of the ingredients he routinely sources locally:

chickens (20-40 per week) from Alexander Family Farms in Garfield, as well as Dewberry Farms (Brookshire) and Richardson Farms (Rockdale)
eggs (200-300 per week) from Alexander Family Farms in Garfield
lamb [...]

At Hyde Park Bar & Grill, “Texas Raised Kobe” Isn’t.

The last time we ate at Hyde Park Bar & Grill in Austin, we were psyched to see a “Central Texas raised Kobe (Wagyu)” burger on the menu. ["Kobe" is the place in Japan known for this particular type of beef; "Wagyu" is the breed of cow used in Kobe, but also raised in America.] [...]

How Local Is Olivia, Really?

Have you met Olivia? She’s a new restaurant in south Austin who, according to language on her own menu, “is committed to supporting … local farmers, ranchers, foragers and artisans.” There’s been loca-buzz about Olivia in every review I’ve read, so I was eager to meet her.
So before ordering when I ate there last month, [...]