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Category Archives: Oddities

Slow Food in Austin, an Overview

“Slowing Down,” a film by Adrian Tapia

Milk, To Go

En route to San Antonio earlier this month, I found a sunny side to an I-35 traffic jam in this gigantic rolling cow. It’s a mascot for Oak Farms, a Texas dairy that started up way back in 1908 in San Antonio. Today Oak Farms has dairies all over the state – but nowhere else. [...]

Kiwi Water from Central Market/HEB

Wheat bread was hard to come by at the HEB at Hancock Center Friday night, as Austinites and evacuees scrambled to stock up before a potential hit by Ike. But there was plenty of bottled water to be had. An aisle-end display featured a noteworthy variety: Central Market/HEB-branded ALL NATURAL ARTESIAN WATER IMPORTED FROM NEW [...]

Play Time

Have you played with’s Seasonal Ingredient Map? It’s kind of fun, though possibly not the most reliable resource.  I’ve yet to see a Texas pear, for instance, and they’re in-season here now, according to the map. Have you seen Texas pears?

Taking the Locavore Movement to Washington

This Lawn is Your Lawn from roger doiron on Vimeo.

Map of Plenty

Where bison, chile peppers, gators, and cornbread & BBQ converge… that’s where you’ll find me.  This cool food-tradition map comes from the folks at the Renewing America’s Food Traditions Coalition.  The “totem foods” represented here, they explain, “are more than just important commodities — community feasts, household rituals, song, stories and the nutritional well-being of [...]

Massaging Kale: Adventures in Living Sans A/C

This will be my second summer in Texas. But some say it will be my first Texas summer, since with all the rains and clouds last year, it never really got hot for long. I prefer cooler climes, but I’m trying to cultivate a good attitude about the heat, trying to welcome summer [...]

A Stranger in My Kitchen

Imagine my surprise when I stumbled into the kitchen one morning last week. I’d returned home at 3am after a three-day drive from my parents’ house in Idaho, then slept only a few hours before emerging in search of breakfast. Innocently enough, an avocado sat on the counter among grapefruits and half a [...]