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Category Archives: Not in Austin Anymore

New Farmers’ Market in Brownsville

In November, the UT School of Public Health took a novel approach to fighting obesity among citizens of the Brownsville area: It fed them! Fresh veggies and fruits, that is. Research indicated that the diabetes rate in Cameron County is twice that of the national average, that 52.2 percent of the over-18 population is [...]

Eating Local, Baja-Style

The best part of traveling? The food of course. In Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, last week, the local fare included plenty of fresh seafood, tropical fruits, pastries, even regional wine and a new-to-me liqueur called Damiana.  Around the hotels, my husband and I tried to opt for the most locally representative dining spots we could [...]

Milk, To Go

En route to San Antonio earlier this month, I found a sunny side to an I-35 traffic jam in this gigantic rolling cow. It’s a mascot for Oak Farms, a Texas dairy that started up way back in 1908 in San Antonio. Today Oak Farms has dairies all over the state – but nowhere else. [...]

Food Lover’s Guide Includes Locavore Tips for Houston

This new guide isn’t about eating local, exclusively, but I was pleasantly surprised to find some great locavore resources when I cracked open a copy today. I’d expected a run-of-the-mill restaurant guide, but found a section called “Local Flavors” at the beginning of the book. These eclectic pages describe neighborhood bakeries, farmers’ markets, seafood markets, [...]

New “Farmers Market” in East Collin County?

A new market opened last month in the Dallas suburb of Murphy. Called Sprouts, it’s a retailer that specializes in “farm fresh produce, purchased from local growers when possible,” according to the press release. Sprouts Farmers Market is a company based in Arizona that now has some two-dozen locations in Arizona, California, Colorado, and Texas, [...]

Tasty Cakes, In Any Language

At a baby shower this weekend in Dallas, I had the good fortune to sample the famous petits fours made by Stein’s Bakery. Info on Stein’s is hard to come by, but Dallas writer Kim Pierce confirms that it is, indeed, a local business, one she calls “an old-style Dallas favorite.”  All other details aside, [...]

Taking the Locavore Movement to Washington

This Lawn is Your Lawn from roger doiron on Vimeo.

This is Not a Difficult Decision.

Say you’re cruising 71 from Austin to Bastrop and you see these signs.  You’re hungry, yes, and you’re in a hurry.  You know what you’ll get if you choose McDonald’s, and you know you’ll be back on the road in minutes.  If you’re a locavore, though, you opt for Oaxacan Tamaleo.  And you are not [...]

Report from Georgetown: Hill Country Wine & Food Festival

The stars were many and bright today at San Gabriel Park in Georgetown, where a day-long event called Sunday Fair wrapped up the 23rd annual Texas Hill Country Wine & Food Festival. Inside three vast tents, signs heralded our familiar Texas foods and wines… Becker… Téo… Tito’s… Freixenet… Ecco Domani… Wait! Many of [...]

Not in Austin Anymore: Main Street Bread Baking Company

After last night’s tastebud-pleasing “Set a Course” wine and food event at the Dallas Contemporary, I headed to Grapevine for the night. I plan to explore the downtown a bit today, perhaps visiting a winery, too. First things first, though: un café et un croissant aux amandes at the torn-from-the-guidebook French cafe, the [...]