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I’m questing for ‘kraut.

Cabbage is in-season around Texas, and I’ve been longing to make my own sauerkraut. It’s not a straightforward process, though. Or is it? I’m documenting the experience over at Eating Out of the (Local) Box. Have you made sauerkraut before? I hope you’ll share your tips!

Going Non-Local… On Vacation!

If you’re craving a locavore fix this week, you can click on “January 2008″ under “Past Posts” on the right side of this page. There, you’ll find links to posts that are a year old, but relevant again – like the first-ever “Texas Eats” about grapefruit. I’ll be eating local in another locale until January [...]

Clucking Off-Site Today

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? I’m blogging about fowl over at Relish Austin today.

Peek Inside My Fridge

I’m over at Relish Austin today telling Austin American-Statesman food editor Addie Broyles what’s behind my refrigerator door.

Have You Seen the Sign?

Look for it on table-top tents and window decals around the state — and know when you see it that the producer or market bearing it has been featured here, on Texas Locavore. You might even tip your hat in thanks for yet another opportunity to eat local in the Lone Star state.

Welcome to Texas Locavore

Around the country, folks are talking about eating locally grown, locally produced, locally prepared foods. The list of benefits starts with the obvious, like reducing fossil fuel consumption by eating an apple brought to market from a local orchard, as opposed to one flown in from New Zealand. Other benefits are more subtle, but perhaps [...]