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“Curing Their Own”

The Austin Chronicle’s Mick Vann proffered a great primer on pork last week. My favorite part of the package? This handy list of Austin restaurants that cure their own.  (Also very helpful is this list of local pork producers, and where to find their goods.) A dozen different eateries around town are curing cuts of [...]

Explosion at Dripping Springs Vodka Distillery

A distillery exploded as a man worked on it Friday morning in Dripping Springs, some 20 miles southwest of Austin. The distillery, at San Luis Spirits, which makes Dripping Springs Vodka, was destroyed, and the man who’d been working on it was air-lifted to San Antonio with serious burns.

NYT Magazine: The Food Issue

If you accomplish nothing else on this lovely Sunday, get yourself a copy of today’s New York Times. [Of course, you can also read it online.] It may not be the most Texan of publications, but reading this issue is a very locavore thing to do: Today’s New York Times Magazine is all about food. [...]

Ike’s Aftershocks

Here in Austin, we didn’t receive any direct damage from Hurricane Ike, but the storm’s cost to many local farmers was steep. Due to the cancellation of the downtown farmers’ market on Saturday, some $15,000 was lost. Twenty farmers would have brought their goods to sell that morning, and some of them would have made [...]

Downtown Austin Farmer’s Market Cancelled this Saturday

The good folks at the Sustainable Food Center have opted to “err on the side of caution” with Hurricane Ike’s strong winds predicted for Austin Saturday morning. This is a one-time thing; the market resumes next weekend and will continue uninterrupted at the Triangle on Wednesday afternoons. So far, there’s no word about cancellation from [...]

In the News: “Superstores squeezing out vendors as China modernizes”

In Sunday’s Insight section, the Austin American-Statesman ran a fascinating excerpt from Serve the People, a new book by Jen Lin-Liu.  It seems traditional markets in China are losing ground to corporate businesses just like they did here.  Even worse, though, the coming Olympics may be hastening the process.

In the News: “Lazy Locavores”

Local is the latest fashion, so the uber-wealthy are finding ways to make it their own according to a report last week by Kim Severson in the New York Times.  In San Franciso, an on-the-go gardener is making the most of the trend by contracting with city dwellers to plant, tend, and harvest their gardens [...]

In the News: Free-Range Shrimp

In yesterday’s Austin American-Statesman, Helen Anders reported on Gulf shrimpers and how they’re faring against competition from farmers and importers.  She tells us that about 90% of the shrimp Americans eat is imported.  But on South Padre Island, where her story takes place, the scampi, ceviche, and tacos all boast locally harvested shrimp.

“Farms in the Sky Gain New Interest”

In the New York Times last week, Bina Venkataraman reported on growing interest in skyscraper farms — that’s farms located in skyscrapers (not farms that grow skyscrapers).  At the website of the Vertical Farm Project, you can see what one such farm might look like and read about how the 80% of the world’s population [...]

“It’s a good time to drink beer in Texas”

In case you missed it, Lee Nichols reported in the July 4 edition of the Austin Chronicle on our state’s microbreweries.  It’s a comprehensive primer with background on seven Texas beer makers and a rundown of brewpubs, too.