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Farmhouse Delivery Brings More Local Food to Austin Doorsteps

FHD bagAustinites are a lucky breed, it’s true: Culinarians, especially, can eat like royalty in the capital city. This spring, they got even luckier when a new delivery grocer started business.

Texas Locavore is late to tell you about this. Why? One of the owners of the new company, Farmhouse Delivery, is my friend Elizabeth Winslow. Covering friends can be tricky for we journalist types. But you need to know about Farmhouse.

Farmhouse delivers exclusively local and seasonal products. (Want strawberries? You can only get them from Farmhouse if they’re in-season in Texas.) Also, organic production methods are non-negotiable for Winslow.

To get started with Farmhouse, Austinites order a $39 bushel of produce (or 10 bushels for $350). This includes a selection fruits and veggies dependent on what’s available – and appealing to Winslow, a former professional chef and bonafide epicure. They then have the option to add on other food products, from beef to bread and beyond, on an à la carte basis. Delivery day varies by zip code, and orders must be placed by Friday for delivery the following week.

[updated 28 July 2009]

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  1. Jeff Jan wrote:

    Those folks in Austin have something cool and special going on down there. That farmhouse delivery company seems very cool. Local food is the way to go. I eventually want to be able to share my garden not only with my family, but with family and friends.

    Jeff | Your Number One Garden Cloche Source

    Tuesday, December 21, 2010 at 4:37 am | Permalink

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