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Peach Season, Baby

nectarine2You know you want them. But are you afraid you can’t have them? Central Texas had a late, killing freeze this spring that took out much of the 2009 peach and nectarine crop. All is not lost, though; you’ll just have to look a little harder than usual to find local peaches this year. Check out your farmers’ market, or, in Austin, order through Farmhouse Delivery. A call to Psencik Peach Farm (details here) in Fredericksburg earlier today yielded good news, too: They’ve got two varieties harvesting now. Neither is free-stone, so they’re not ideal for canning and jam. But the flavor is good, and the farm-stand is open 9-5 everyday but Sunday, when its hours are 12-5.

If you’ve never tasted a just-picked peach, it’s time you did. (If you don’t know why, you can read my post on the subject from last year around this time.)


  1. I guess I jumped the gun and bought some too early. They smelled wonderful, juice was dripping down my elbows, but they tasted bitter. I was crushed!

    Thursday, May 21, 2009 at 7:19 am | Permalink
  2. There have been some this past week at the Georgetown Farmer’s Markets. Even the firm ones were sweet, and were soft and juicy within a day. The farmers tell me that the cling (not freestone) varieties need to be picked firm, and won’t take much handling before they are bruised, but still are tasty.
    My boys and I concur-I’ve bought some at every market since they came on the scene last Tuesday, and still haven’t managed to save any for peach icecream!

    Sunday, May 24, 2009 at 9:52 pm | Permalink

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