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Monthly Archives: February 2009

Texas Eats: Butter

Not traditionally considered a health food, butter has had some good press recently. If it’s made from milk that was produced by cows that ate grass, new sources say, it can be full of fatty acids and proteins that are actually good for you. That’s good news for butter lovers! More good news for butter [...]

An Exceptional Drought

You hear and read about it in the news: Central Texas is experiencing a drought. Personally, I feel like someone’s always complaining about the weather, so I don’t always pay a lot of attention. After all, it doesn’t seem like that long ago that we Austinites lived like ducks in a record-settingly rainy summer! But [...]

Dai Due Announces March Schedule

The inimitable Jesse Griffiths and Tamara Mayfield offer something for everyone with next month’s selection of Dai Due suppers. Go for “Rabbit, demystified” if you’re a hard-core foodie. Just want to have fun? “Bacchanal” may be for you. There’s a picnic, a chef’s table, and a whole-hog class and dinner, too, that includes the good [...]

HOT LOCAVORE TIP: Betsy Ross’s Beef

WHAT: Texas-raised, grass-fed beef
WHERE I FOUND IT: People’s Pharmacy on North Lamar.
WHEN: I visited on February 5, but Betsy delivers a new batch of lots of different cuts every Thursday. You can call in advance to check availability [512/459.9090].
PRICE: Varies depending on the cut. I paid $13.00 per pound for top sirloin.
WHY IT’S GREAT: On Ross [...]

More Local Options for Valentine’s Day

A couple more ways to love, locavore-style, have come across my desk since I last posted on the subject:

Who could forget Tiff? With her sweetie Leon, she opened Austin’s first cookie-delivery company ten years ago. (Check out the story Addie Broyles wrote about them in a recent issue of the Statesman.) Tiff’s Treats is offering [...]

A Few New Local-Food Finds

Lucky me! I was invited to a special, food-bloggers-only class at Central Market last night. Chef Vance Ely served up a great spread of several courses sourced near-exclusively from within 200 miles of Central Market’s North Lamar location. (My tablemate summed up the evening quite nicely at Poco-Cocoa, if you want to read more on [...]

HOT LOCAVORE TIP: Lucky Layla’s Butter

WHAT: Great-tasting, unsalted butter churned in Garland from milk produced by cows pastured in Plano
WHERE I FOUND IT: Central Market, North Lamar
WHEN: Thursday evening (02.05.2009)
PRICE: $6.79 for a 12-ounce tub
MORE DETAILS: Lucky Layla’s website
ABOUT: At last, a tasty butter joins Texas olive oil in our arsenal of locally produced fats!

New Farmers’ Market in Brownsville

In November, the UT School of Public Health took a novel approach to fighting obesity among citizens of the Brownsville area: It fed them! Fresh veggies and fruits, that is. Research indicated that the diabetes rate in Cameron County is twice that of the national average, that 52.2 percent of the over-18 population is [...]

And on His Farm, He Had a… Website

Texas farms are going high-tech. Many now have websites with handy information for those who like to eat their products. If you’re looking for a particular food – or just for background on how your favorite food is produced, don’t hesitate to go online for info. A few of my fave farmer websites:
Betsy Ross’s Grassfed [...]

How Does Your Garden Grow?

No pressure: “In someone else’s yard or farm,” is a perfectly acceptable answer to that question. That’s my answer in many years, too. I love to go to farmers’ markets, so why grow my own? I’d rather spend my Saturday mornings going to market than weeding. Every spring, though, the urge to get soil under [...]