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Monthly Archives: October 2008

Where’s the Turkey?

Each Thanksgiving, some 46 million turkeys are eaten in the U.S., according to the National Turkey Federation. That’s a lot of birds – and ample opportunity to support farmers who raise them humanely and sustainably. If you live in Austin, there are several options for getting such a turkey. But if you don’t? Your local [...]

Gulf Shrimp, Half-Price This Weekend in Austin

Central Market’s two Austin locations are serving up fresh, never-frozen shrimp from the Gulf for $6.99 per pound through Sunday.

Blue Bell’s November Flavors

Birthday Cake and Cherry Amaretto Cordial join the usual flavors of ice cream from Texas-native Blue Bell this month. They’re only around through January, so get ‘em while you can. And remember, if you haven’t done so already, you can get a $1.00-off coupon by going to Blue Bell’s website and clicking on “Extra Scoops” [...]

Texas Eats: Pumpkins

Pumpkins originated in Central America more than seven thousand years ago, experts believe, and had spread throughout North America well before Europeans arrived on the continent. Their diverse species, Curcubita pepo, includes a diverse host other gourds and squashes, as well. Pumpkins are easy to cultivate and grow, tolerating a wide variety of conditions. The [...]

Time Change: Triangle Market Falls Back

Winter hours begin at the Austin Farmers’ Market at the Triangle tomorrow. The new hours are 3:00 until 7:00pm, every Wednesday until Spring.

Plan Now for a Local Thanksgiving Turkey

Want to show gratitude this turkey day? Thank a Texas farmer for raising food year-round by buying your holiday bird locally. Better yet? Thank a turkey for giving its life by making sure that it lived a humane existence. Some local turkey options around Austin:

Sebastien Bonneau is taking orders for turkeys he’s raising at Countryside [...]

What’s Green Corn Project?

It’s a non-profit organization that’s been promoting the localest kind of food in Austin since before local food was fashionable. These folks have spent the past ten years helping folks plant organic gardens with an eye to feeding those who are least likely to eat well by any other means. And they’re holding their Fall [...]

Texas Eats: Tortillas

According to the Tortilla Industry Association, sales of tortillas in the U.S. are increasing dramatically – and poised to outpace sales of sandwich bread for the first time in history. This may not surprise you if you’ve always had the good fortune to live in Texas. For here, our tortilla culture extends far beyond the [...]

Ranch to Plate: A Primer on Beef Production

Jason Cleere, assistant professor and extension beef cattle specialist at Texas A & M, explains that most beef cattle in the U.S. go through four stages before reaching our plates. These four stages, really types of places, are:
1. Cow/Calf Operations: These are the peaceable places where cows graze and breed throughout the state and nation. [...]

Olivia, Reprise: The Local List

In response to a past post about the restaurant, Olivia’s chef and owner, James Holmes, shares a list of some of the ingredients he routinely sources locally:

chickens (20-40 per week) from Alexander Family Farms in Garfield, as well as Dewberry Farms (Brookshire) and Richardson Farms (Rockdale)
eggs (200-300 per week) from Alexander Family Farms in Garfield
lamb [...]