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Monthly Archives: August 2008

This Year’s Official Austin Cocktail is…

It’s called the Ring of Fire, and it’s made with Tito’s vodka and served, shooter-style, in a jalapeño pepper and chased with Shiner. It’s the creation of this lively duo, two bartenders from Ranch 616, one of whom gamely dressed up as a pepper, herself. I haven’t tried the drink yet, but you can read [...]

Tito’s & Shiner Tonight @ Threadgill’s

Austin’s 5th Annual Cocktail Throwdown starts tonight at 7 at Threadgill’s. Details are here. Tito’s and Shiner, both Texas-made, will be selling for $2 a pop.

Texas Eats: Winter Squash

Butternut squash (like the one above), acorn squash, and kabocha squash are all over the local farmers’ markets, now. What’s up with all the so-called “winter” squash in August? Their name comes from the fact that they store well, so they can be eaten during the winter when summer squash are long gone. Winter squash [...]

Blue Bell’s September Flavors Are Out!

They are:

Banana Pudding
Candy Jar
Cherry Vanilla
Chocolate Covered Strawberries
Chocolate Extreme
Peaches & Homemade Vanilla
Triple Chocolate

The new flavors aren’t listed yet online as of posting time, but you can print a coupon to save $1.00 at their seasonal-flavors website.

Sunday is International Kitchen Garden Day

Kitchen Gardens International is a non-profit organization that was founded in Portland, Maine, in 2003 to promote “the ‘localest’ of all food,” in response to the dramatic decline in home-food production in the U.S.  They’re the folks responsible for the Eat the View campaign and video posted here earlier this week. They also established International [...]

Play Time

Have you played with’s Seasonal Ingredient Map? It’s kind of fun, though possibly not the most reliable resource.  I’ve yet to see a Texas pear, for instance, and they’re in-season here now, according to the map. Have you seen Texas pears?

Texas Eats: Cowpeas

Peas can be confusing. We use the word, “pea,” to describe two distinct species: One originated in Asia and yields both those familiar little green globes and edible pods like snowpeas. The other came from Africa and gives us the bitty oblong morsels so often dried for storage. That second species, called Vigna unguiculata in [...]

Tasty Cakes, In Any Language

At a baby shower this weekend in Dallas, I had the good fortune to sample the famous petits fours made by Stein’s Bakery. Info on Stein’s is hard to come by, but Dallas writer Kim Pierce confirms that it is, indeed, a local business, one she calls “an old-style Dallas favorite.”  All other details aside, [...]

Taking the Locavore Movement to Washington

This Lawn is Your Lawn from roger doiron on Vimeo.

More Beer

In Wednesday’s post, I missed three craft breweries that are all under a year old:  (512) in Austin, Franconia in McKinney, and Southern Star in Conroe.  These folks aren’t organized in any official way, so it can be hard to pin them all down. If you’ve got a craving to know more about Texas beers, [...]