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Monthly Archives: June 2008

All-Local Menu at Primizie

The folks at Primizie have taken local sourcing seriously since opening the east-side restaurant a few months ago.  Now, though, they’ve taken local to a whole new level with a dedicated Local Specials Menu.  There’s a lot of seafood and fish listed here, and our patient server explained that the fisherman who supplies the restaurant [...]

Texas Eats: Okra

Growing up, my mama told me I loved okra because I was born south of the Mason-Dixon line. Around here, having been birthed in Maryland makes me a Yankee in most people’s eyes. But Mom knew okra doesn’t lie; I’m a southern girl at heart — or in my belly, anyway. Wouldn’t [...]


What costs even more than a gallon of gas? A pound of t-bone steak, according to a story yesterday on KUT News. Since most steer in the U.S. are fed corn, and corn prices are up due to demand for ethanol, beef prices are skyrocketing. What to do? Buy grass-fed. [...]

In the News: “Yes, We Will Have No Bananas”

In yesterday’s New York Times, Dan Koeppel, author of “Bananas: The Fate of the Fruit that Changed the World,” braces us for cheerios floating alone in milk, one fewer perfect partner for peanut butter, and increased demand for potassium-rich potatoes.  Perhaps unique in their story of globalization on the cheap, bananas, he argues, will soon [...]

Texas Eats: Tomatoes

Have you heard the Guy Clark song, Homegrown Tomatoes? “Only two things that money can’t buy,” he sings, “that’s true love and homegrown tomatoes.” (It’s on iTunes – check it out! John Denver covered it, too, but I prefer Clark’s “Live from Austin” recording.) Indeed, there’s nothing quite so special. And despite all [...]

In the News: “Dallas Farmers Market Ripe for Turnaround”

In Saturday’s Dallas Morning News, freelance writer Kim Pierce reported on the state of Dallas’s downtown farmers’ market. With new leadership and the locavore movement to fuel it, its outlook is rosy, she suggests. I found the relationship between the food “dealers” — those who import harvests of bananas and other exotics — [...]

Texas Eats: Sweet Corn

My father-in-law grew up on a farm in Nebraska. At dinnertime in the summer, he remembers, the corn was the last thing to be prepared. He’d go out into the field with his grandfather to pick a few ears, and when they returned to the house his grandmother would have a pot of [...]

Texas Eats: Squash Blossoms

In Rome, my husband tells me, there are places called rusticerria, counters that sell pizza by the kilo. They all carry one in the summer that’s topped with white cheese and zucchini blossoms. Here, you’re more likely to find the blossoms sealed up in a quesadilla, stuffed and deep-fried, or sautéed into risotto. [...]