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I so kneaded this.

kneaded.jpgBetween appointments in the Far West/Spicewood Springs part of town last week, I hoped to spot a local bakery as I’d missed breakfast in my hurry to get out the door.  Lo, there appeared Kneaded Pleasures, sandwiched between post office facilities in a shopping center on Far West Boulevard.  I kept my order simple, a croissant and a coffee to fill my already emptied travel mug.  The texture of this croissant was excellent, as you can see.  Kneaded Pleasures owner Greg Nelson confirms that his store, opened four years ago, is 100% locally owned.  With an emphasis on sandwiches and gelato, he says, the store is like a local version of Panera, but with “a more complex operation.”  He also reports that he sources many of his ingredients in-state.  Perhaps more importantly, this croissant puts the national chain versions I’ve tried to shame.  And in case you knead any more reasons to check out this local haunt, its wi-fi is free.

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