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Monthly Archives: May 2008

Texas Eats: Carrots

We don’t normally think of carrots when we think of favorite vegetables. Tried and steady, they’re just always there — those orange bits in standard-order salad, the sticks we eat on a diet when we’d rather be eating potato chips, the second-fiddle to cream-cheese icing even in its eponymous cake. When A&M’s Leonard [...]

Massaging Kale: Adventures in Living Sans A/C

This will be my second summer in Texas. But some say it will be my first Texas summer, since with all the rains and clouds last year, it never really got hot for long. I prefer cooler climes, but I’m trying to cultivate a good attitude about the heat, trying to welcome summer [...]

Texas Eats: Peaches

That’s a nectarine in the picture, to be accurate. But it’s very much like a peach: In genetic terms, a single recessive gene differentiates the two. That gene makes a nectarine’s skin smooth and hairless, unlike its fuzzy cousin’s. Many folks think it subtly changes the flavor, too. Texas’s peach [...]

Get ready… get set… go to market!

Last week over at Cincinnati Locavore, Valeree posted a great piece called “How to shop at a farmers’ market.“  It gave me some new ideas and put to words some others that I hadn’t managed to articulate myself.  Check it out!

Three Ways to Use Your Stimulus Check to Support Your Locavore Habit

1. Buy a dedicated market basket – and stock it up. Mine, pictured here, is fully collapsible and the canvas comes off to be machine-washed. (I bought it for $14 at the Marshall’s at the new Mueller strip mall at 35N and 51st. While that’s not a local business, it’s very close [...]

Texas Eats: Blueberries

Texas blueberries have just started showing up at the grocery stores (the one above came from the H.E.B.on 41st), but they don’t often turn up at the farmers’ markets in central Texas. That’s because the state industry is located primarily in east Texas, where the soil tends toward sandy and acidic — just the [...]

I so kneaded this.

Between appointments in the Far West/Spicewood Springs part of town last week, I hoped to spot a local bakery as I’d missed breakfast in my hurry to get out the door.  Lo, there appeared Kneaded Pleasures, sandwiched between post office facilities in a shopping center on Far West Boulevard.  I kept my order simple, a [...]

Report from the Triangle: Farm to Plate Benefit

Local chefs, producers, and foodies kept cool under a big tent at last week’s Sustainable Food Center benefit, but the weather and the excitement were hot. There was plenty to eat, from ceviche by Todd Duplechan of Trio at the Four Seasons to cold cucumber soup from Fino’s Eric Lucas. Except for the [...]

Texas Eats: Milk

Milk seems so simple. At times in our history, we’ve thought it a wholesome and pure dietary staple, but at others it has been embroiled in controversy. In the mid-19th century, parents in urban areas worried about their children consuming milk produced by “drunk” cows — those kept in “swill dairies” adjacent to [...]

Q&A: Farm to Plate Benefit

Next Wednesday, May 7, the Sustainable Food Center, which runs the Austin farmers’ markets among other endeavors, is putting on a benefit called Farm to Plate — described on the SFC website as “exclusively showcasing the fresh, local food directly sourced from member farms of the Austin Farmers’ Market.” It sounds cool, but [...]