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Monthly Archives: February 2008

Texas Eats: Arugula

Few people are as lucky as Austinites, it’s true.  Arugula, to most people, is elusive, ephemeral, and high-maintenance, often requiring two or three rinses to remove all of the dirt that can accumulate in its delicate stems.  But Austinites have Cas & Gita Vanwoerden of Animal Farm in Cat Spring.  All year long, they harvest [...]

Wednesday Farmers’ Market

at the Triangle, North Lamar & Guadalupe

Saturday Farmers’ Market

4th & Guadalupe, downtown Austin

Texas Eats: Berkshire Pork

What if all that fat was good for you? According to a new book, it is… sort of. We all know we’re supposed to be chowing down on fish and flax seeds to get the Omega-3 fatty acids that promote good vascular health. Science writer Susan Allport, in her new book “The [...]

Texas Eats: Chocolate Candies

Everybody’s doing it, so it must be cool: Boutique, local chocolates are *the* food story this Valentine’s Day. The Chronicle, the American-Statesman, and Austin Monthly (in a piece penned by the fabulous Laura Kelso) all cover the topic in their current issues. But they’ve all missed central Texas’s original bonbon maker, [...]

In the News: The Romance of Flowers

Remember the early scenes of Maria Full of Grace? The title-role teenager slaves away de-thorning roses for shipment abroad. The boss rules tyranically, the wages buy only a bleak life under the same tiny roof as the extended family, and the pesticide-laced working conditions make people ill. How romantic! Unfortunately, according [...]

Texas Eats: Fresh Tofu

Lunar New Year celebrations begin around the world tomorrow, making today a great time to highlight a Lone Star version of this ancient Chinese staple. Texas has been home to folks from China since the late 1800’s, but you couldn’t buy blocks of fresh tofu in Austin until last year. Now, a Vietnamese [...]