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Monthly Archives: January 2008

Texas Eats: Dark, Leafy Greens

Could it be a collards conspiracy? A matter of misunderstood mustard? Greens like kale (above) and its leafy Brassica kin, like mustard and collards, have a bad rep. Too often they’re served over-cooked and bitter, laced with salty pork to increase their palatability. The truth about greens? If they’re fresh and [...]

In the News: “Antiglobalization Idiocy”

In the January 10, 2008, edition of Time magazine, Joel Stein snarked about the farm-to-table movement, calling it “antiglobalization idiocy” and pioneering a “distavore” response: He strived to prepare a meal comprising only ingredients grown at least 3,000 miles away from his home in fertile southern California. He didn’t quite pull it off, but [...]

Texas Eats: Red Wines as Big as Texas

In France, wine is geography:  The wine you drink comes from the region you’re in.  Fortuitously, whether by nature or design, local wines tend to be the best pairings for local cuisine.   So at your next dinner party, do like the French and serve Texas wine.  Our state now produces a handful of quality bottles [...]

Texas Eats: Beef

At 14 million head, more cattle are raised in Texas than in any other state. It’s no surprise, then, that options abound when it comes to eating home-state beef. It’s not always easy to identify where a particular cut comes from, though, as many producers send their animals to feedlots, in-state and out-of-state, [...]

In the News: “10 Steps” and “Home Groan”

In the January issue of Texas Monthly, satirist Sarah Bird’s “Home Groan” reminds us to keep a sense of humor about “livin’ la vida locavore” on the magazine’s back page. Conveniently, an adjacent ad from the folks at the state’s Go Texan program offers some specific options for local shopping.
And the Austin American-Statesman’s [...]

A Stranger in My Kitchen

Imagine my surprise when I stumbled into the kitchen one morning last week. I’d returned home at 3am after a three-day drive from my parents’ house in Idaho, then slept only a few hours before emerging in search of breakfast. Innocently enough, an avocado sat on the counter among grapefruits and half a [...]

Texas Eats: Grapefruit

It’s not just another attack of over-zealous state pride: Texas grapefruit really does taste better. The cultivars grown here, Red Star and Ruby Red, don’t thrive in Florida or California and are the reddest, sweetest varieties around. They’re also nutritional superstars: Just one contains more than a day’s recommended allotment of Vitamin [...]

Welcome to Texas Locavore

Around the country, folks are talking about eating locally grown, locally produced, locally prepared foods. The list of benefits starts with the obvious, like reducing fossil fuel consumption by eating an apple brought to market from a local orchard, as opposed to one flown in from New Zealand. Other benefits are more subtle, but perhaps [...]