What's the Trouble with Television? Kiwi, March 2013

It's the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendation no one seems to know about: No television for babies under 2. Why? And is anyone listening?


Pillars of Strength, Old-House Journal, November 2012

How the iconic Greek pillars that front the historic Texas governors' mansion were restored after a catastrophic fire

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Austin's Driskill Hotel, Old-House Journal, April/May 2012

Haunted or not? That's the first question, but many others remain. The history of this legendary Romanesque landmark packs a Texas-sized dose of mystery.

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Parenting Against the Grain, Babble, March 8, 2012

Is parenting differently parenting wrong? A recent book, Bringing Up Bebe by Pamela Druckerman, begs the question.

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The Remarkable Transformation of the Byrne-Reed House, Old-House Journal, January 2012

Like a frog prince, an old house in Austin revealed its true resplendence when the right hero came along.

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Hope After the Fires, AARP Bulletin, November 28, 2011

An acclaimed chocolatier lost everything in the central Texas wildfires. Where will he go from here?

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Seeing the City of Light in a Different Light, Austin American-Statesman, September 3, 2011

A teething ten-month-old shows his parents a new side of Paris, then inspires a new recipe for teething biscuits back home.

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Myth Buster: Do the Locavores Have It Wrong? AARP Bulletin Today, July 15, 2011

Eating local to save the environment seems to make sense. But does the theory stand up to closer scrutiny?

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The Author Speaks: Q&A with Jessica Theroux, AARP Bulletin Today, February 10, 2011

To write her new book, Cooking with Italian Grandmothers, Theroux spent months cooking alongside Italian matriarchs in their own kitchens.

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Myth Buster: Do Aphrodisiacs Work? AARP Bulletin Today, February 11, 2011

There are plenty of great reasons to eat oysters and chocolate. But if it's love you seek, there might be a better way.

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Bowl Season, Austin American-Statesman, December 1, 2010

During the holidays, trendy punches can bring festivity and frugality to the table.

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Myth Buster: Did Thanksgiving Start with the Pilgrims? AARP Bulletin Today, November 24, 2010

Massachussets isn't the only state that lays claim to the first Thanksgiving feast. Where's the real birthplace of today's holiday?

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Feeding the Demand for Humanely Raised Turkeys, AARP Bulletin Today, November 23, 2010

A retired veterinarian in Rockdale, Texas, can barely keep up with Thanksgiving appetite for his compassionately grown fowl.

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Myth Buster: Wine Improves with Age, AARP Bulletin Today, October 7, 2010

Planning to age a special bottle? Read this first.

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Saving a Dallas Foursquare, Old-House Journal, October/November 2010

In an old Dallas neighborhood, a couple built a new house in an old style, then bought the old house across the street and restored it. Ulimately, they sold the new old house and moved into the old new one. Follow?

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What's in the Beef?, AARP Bulletin Today, August 16, 2010

New legislation going into effect this year changes what "organic" means for milk and meat.

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What's Safe to Eat, American Baby, May 2010

Here's the skinny on what foods to avoid during pregnancy to keep mama and baby safe and healthy.

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At Home in the Granger, Old-House Journal, February 2010

Austin, Texas, homeowners stay true to the ideals of their home's renowned architect, Charles Granger.

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Myth Buster: Sparklers, AARP Bulletin Today, July 2, 2009

Playing it safe this Fourth of July with sparklers for the kids? Save money - and possibly an arm, too - by skipping the sparklers and watching the pros' pyrotechnics, instead.

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Texas Wild Rice, Texas Parks & Wildlife, June 2009

A lone species of edible rice grows along a two-mile stretch of the San Marcos River - and nowhere else in the world. What does the future hold for Zizania texana?

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Saving Sash Windows, Old-House Journal, June 2009

A Texas restorationist leads the way, step-by-step, through the process of rehabilitating old-house windows.

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Speaking of Tamales, Country Lifestyle, May/June 2009

Texas foodie Melissa Guerra opened a new store in San Antonio's Pearl Brewery complex in the fall. But she still found time to make the holiday tamales.

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Myth Buster: Hot-Weather Weight Loss, AARP Bulletin Today, March 19, 2009

The mercury is rising, but that doesn't mean skinny jeans are in the forecast.

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The Young in the Old, Old-House Journal, March-April 2009

In the historic Fairmount neighborhood of Fort Worth, Texas, a new family restores a hundred-year-old craftsman bungalow.

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A Ballad of Texas Chocolates, Country Lifestyle, January/February 2009

The story of Lamme's, Texas's oldest confectioner, nearly ended before it got going.

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Ancient Chinese Martial Art Heals Austinites, The Good Life, October 2008

Among the myriad tai chi schools in the capital of Texas, two offer distinctly different approaches to the same martial art -- one folks use for relaxation and improved health, worldwide.

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Return of the Natives, Edible Austin, Fall 2008

The Texas wine industry's greatest foe is a bacterial plague that can devastate an entire vineyard virtually overnight. There's no cure, but a few central Texas growers are out-smarting the pest by turning to native grape varieties that are resistant to its ravages.

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Home in the Heights, Texas Home & Living, October 2008

A couple combines style developed over a lifetime with modern functional requirements to create their dream abode just minutes from downtown Houston. They name their beloved new home "Miz Magnolia."

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Artists in Residence, Old-House Journal, August 2008

A California couple enlisted their creative zeal -- and a few of their friends -- to doctor a decommissioned hospital.

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Designer Profile: Laura Britt, Texas Home & Living, August 2008

Austin designer Laura Britt is known for her green work -- but sustainable isn't the only hue in her box of crayons. In a Q&A, she shares her thoughts on design and more.

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Be What You Eat, Edible Austin, Summer 2008

Michelle Schreiber, a practitioner of acupuncture, Chinese medicine, and nutrition counseling at an Austin holistic medical practice, herself follows a raw, vegan diet. But she doesn't necessarily advise her clients to do the same.

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Designer Profile: Sherry Hayslip, Texas Home & Living, March/April 2008

Dallas designer Sherry Hayslip's latest work graces the condominiums at her hometown's new Ritz-Carlton. But Hayslip's wisdom, shared here in an intimate Q&A, draws on decades of prior experience.

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Goat Cheese 101, Edible Austin, Spring 2008

Although she's a full-time college student, Chrissy Omo finds time to tend dozens of goats and make artisanal goat cheeses on her family's farm in Blanco, Texas.

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My Chemical Romance, Gourmet, March 2008

A San Francisco biochemist-turned-artist makes jewelry inspired by her favorite edible molecules.

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Now Playing, Texas Home & Living, January/February 2008

Designer Joanie Wyll’s cinematic flair showcases an art collection in a North Dallas home.

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Soul Food, VegNews, February 2008

Deep in the heart of Texas, the macrobiotic dining hall at Austin's Casa de Luz nourishes visitors with vegan cuisine and a healthy dose of community.

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Toast of the Holidays, Texas Home & Living, November/December 2007

Ed & Susan Auler, the first couple of Hill Country wine, make seasonal recommendations -- and offer insight about what's to come in Texas wines in 2008.

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Hill Country Vintage, Austin Monthly, September 2007

In Austin's own backyard, dozens of wineries are quietly flourishing and folks from New York City to Los Angeles are taking note. Is it possible, as some suggest, that the Texas Hill Country could be the next Napa?

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A Weekend of Wine, Texas Home & Living, September/October 2007

Winemakers in the Hill Country are experimenting with new grapes from little-known American varieties to Italian super-stars. Here's a guide to what's new in Texas wine -- and how to taste the changes yourself.

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Sip 'n' Swirl, Y'all,, July 2007 (web only)

Wineries are springing up like wildflowers in the Texas Hill Country. Guided by a cast including a world-renowned winemaker and a celebrity chef, wines made here are increasingly the toast of Texas.

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Where the Dogs Are, The Good Life, July 2007

The exhillarating sport of flyball -- in which dogs race in relay teams to fetch tennis balls -- thrives in Austin, where two teams train to bring skill and heart to tournaments around the region.

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Texas Surprise, VegNews, March + April 2007

When you say "Texas," I say "veg-friendly!" Surprised? Welcome to Austin, where bats are local celebrities and vegan options grace virtually every menu.

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Serenity Tearoom: Calm in a Cup, Tea, Autumn 2006

A pastor's wife reveals her motivation for opening a charming tearoom in the historic heart of Frederick, Maryland.

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A Growing Problem for Bamboo, National Geographic, November 2005

"Bamboo" and "endangered" aren't words most people expect to find together. But a recent UNEP study reveals that many species of one of the world's best-known weeds are, indeed, at risk.

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Growing Respect for a Green Thumb, The Washington Post, 9 May 2005

A daughter of a university plant scientist discovers her mother's super-hero alter-ego.

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They're Shining for their Supper, National Geographic, March 2005

Like Christmas trees aglow, termite mounds in Brazil's Cerrado woodlands light up the night. But though bright, all is not merry: the sinister lights lure termites to their death.

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